Woongjin Coway is the top consumer and household electronics company in Korea. Since it establishment in 1989, we have taken the lead in expanding and advancing the market.Having won recognition for its products and service quality both at home and abroad, Woongjin Coway started to diversity its product portfolio in the mid-1990s to become a household electronics company in real sense.

The company has extended its product lineup from water filtration appliances to air purifiers, bidets, water softeners and food waste disposers, which improve the quality of our customers’ lives and preserve the environment.

In the time since its establishment, Woongjin Coway has consistently grown while maintaining transparency an ethics management principles. In 1998, we introduced a rental business model for the first time in the industry and provide before sales service by service representative call “Cody”. As a result, Woongjin Coway has topped the Gallup polls recent years in terms of market share, customer satisfaction and brand awareness.Since mid-2000s, the company has actively made forays into the global market to become a leading global household electronics company, while strengthening our domestic position.

As present, we operate six overseas subsidiaries which is Vietnam was one of it, one branch and a logistics center in Netherlands, and continue to increase exports and build a strong foundation for sustainable growth. In particular, from 2009, we have bolstered our position as a sustainable company by focusing on green management, thereby implementing customer value management and contributing to the sustainable development of humankind.

Company Vision

On the company’s 20th anniversary in May 2009, Woongjin Coway declared its vision of “The 1st Green Global Leader which Designs a Healthy Tomorrow” and selected confidence, respect, integrity, passion, speed and action and cooperation as its core values. Moreover, the company designated 2009 as the initial year of customer value management by holding the service innovation declaration ceremony.

Woongjin Coway set its goal of becoming a customer service provider as a consumer electronics manufacturer and defined action plans and core values in accordance with this goal. In particular, the core values were items that gained more than 50 percent support ~ two-third of all Woongjin Coway employees ~ from participants of a company survey.

Management Philosophy

The core management Philosophy of Woongjin Coway is “Tto Tto Sarang” which means “Love and Love Again”.

The company operates its business with love for individual members of the company, its stakeholders, the communities it operates in and the world.

In this respect, “Tto Tto Sarang” is in line with Woongjin Coway’s sustainability management, which contributes to the sustainable development of human beings and enhancement of stakeholder value. We pursue value creation and environment management to enhance stakeholder value and reinvent ourselves as a global company.

Korea History TimeLine


Establishment and Launch
Korea Coway Co. launched
Entered the water filtration appliances market
Established the Environment Technology Institute
Began rental business for water filtration appliances
Began rental business for bidets
Emergence as a leader in the household electronics industry
Listed on the Korea Stock Exchange
Began rental business for air purifiers
Acquired ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications
Established the Japan subsidiary
Launched system kitchen business
Growing into a global household electronics company
Established the Thailand subsidiary
Opened Rental House
Launched food waste disposers
Established Woongjin Energy
Established the Malaysia Subsidiary
Established the China Subsidiary
Designed as the Europen Union’s RoHS testing institute
Established the United States subsidiary
Achieved a design award grand slam
(red dot, IF, IDEA and Good Design Awards)
Entered the water treatment business
Woongjin Group declare a new corporate image
Constructed Woongjin Coway R&D Center at Seoul National University
Concluded an assignment agreement for filter & water treatment businesses with Woongjin Chemical Co., Ltd.
Environment Technology Institute was designated as a Recognized Testing Laboratory form Water Quality Association (WQA)
Launched payFree service
Woongjin Coway’s 20th Anniversary – Building a foundation for an eco-friendly, service company
Staged a waste battery collection campaign in partnership with the Environment Ministry and the Korea Battery Recycling Association
Held launching ceremony for Eco-way for low-carbon, green management
Merged with the Bidet Division of Woongjin Cuchen
Declared “Service Innovation” and “HEART Service” on the occastion of the company’s 20th anniversary
Held launching ceremony for greenhouse gas inventory between Woongjin Coway and partner firms and signed a voluntary agreement for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Launched W_class Service for top customers
Selected as a certified company with the best consumer Complaints Management System (CCMS) by the Fair Trade Commission for the second straight year.
Obtained certification form the IEC Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components
Received the Prime Minister’s Award in recognition of the company’s contribution to eco-friendly industry and low-carbon, green management
Launched an anti-virus air purifier filter against new influenza (H1N1)
Woongjin Coway’s water filtration appliances was selected as a World-class Product (first time in the industry)