Air Filtration & Care


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  • APM-1010DH
  • Chức năng làm sạch không khí hiệu quả và bổ sung cân bằng độ ẩm trong phòng.

  • AP-3008FHH_02-269x300
  • AP-3008FHH
  • Hệ thống lọc 5 bước cùng hệ thống màng lọc 2 tầng làm sạch không khí cực mạnh.

  • AP-1516D_02-269x300
  • AP-1516D
  • Air care customized for each situation through 3-step multi-circulation function

    Room Size:  49.5m² / 533ft²

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  • AP-1008CH
  • Absorption and reduced to 99.99% of influenza A H1N1 viruses floating in the air

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  • AP-1008DH
  • Bring in clean air for your family


  • AP-10091
  • AP-0509DH
  • Design is essentially derived from products and feel the fresh air

  • AP-10071
  • AP-1009CH
  • With large capacity, the machine achieved all design excellence awards