Air Purifier

Coway Air Purifier Classic( AP-1018F)

Thin air purifier with mighty cleaning power

  • Slim and light design help optimizing room space up to 34m2
  • Clear air solution with 4 step filtration system, 99.99% removal of 0.01㎛ fine particles
  • Air quality LED indicator at real time
  • Numerous smart modes with intelligent dual sensor
  • Auto Mode with AI technology: automatically adjust air flow by sensing the pollution level indoor
  • Smart Eco mode: optimize power consumption and save cost
  • Quite mode: create a quietly pleasant environment for a deeper and nice sleep
  • Totally safe with children lock and auto shutdown function when being disassembled
  • Quiet and low noise in operation due to DC motor
  • Safe mode that power is automatically shutdown when the front cover is opened
  • Easy cleaning with detachable air vent grille and handy indicator to remind filter replacement time

Giá khuyến mãi: 14.220.000 VND

Số lượng:
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Model AP-1018F CLASSIC
Filters & Lifetime
1. Pre-filter
  (Cleaning every 2~4 weeks)
  2. Fine dust filter 4 months
  3. Deodorization filter
24 months
  4. HEPA™ filter 12 months
CADR1 5,1 m3 ~ 180,1 ft3/min
Room size 33,9 m2 ~ 364,9 ft2
Rated voltage 220 V, 60 Hz
Power consumption 38 W
Max noise level 47,4 dB
Speed Silent
PM 0.01 🔵
PM 0.03 🔵
Air quality indicator 🔵
Sensor Dust
Filter-change indicator 🔵
Swing mode 🔵
Sleep mode 🔵
Turbo mode 🔵
Eco/A3 Saving mode 🔵
(W x H x D)
376 x 641 x 183 mm ~ 14,8 x 25,2 x 7,2 inch
Net weight 7,25 kg ~ 16 lb
  • 1  Tested for filtering 0.3 ㎛ potassium chloride particles
  • * Performance is based on CA standard by the Korea Air Cleaning Association
  • * The above test is subject to change depending on the region and product specifications
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