Principles of e-commerce operation

I. General principles e-commerce website is operated and operated by Carpa Vietnam Trading Joint Stock Company (“the Company”). The object of service is all customers in 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam who have a need to buy goods but do not have time to go to the showroom or book in advance so that when they come to the showrom, they are guaranteed to have goods.

Products traded at must fully meet the provisions of the law, not sell counterfeit goods, goods of unknown origin or origin.

Trading activities at must be done openly, transparently, ensuring the interests of consumers.


II. General rules

Domain Name E-commerce website:

E-commerce website is developed by Carpa Vietnam Trading Joint Stock Company with the transaction domain name: (hereinafter referred to as: “Coway e-commerce website.”)

General definition:

“Seller” is Carpa Vietnam Trading Joint Stock Company

“Customer” Means a visitor on this website and/or legally buys and uses products and services provided by Carpa Vietnam and has ownership rights to the products and services purchased and owned by him. in accordance with the provisions of current law.

The content of this Regulation complies with the current regulations of Vietnam. Members when participating in the e-commerce website must find out for themselves their legal responsibilities towards the current laws of Vietnam and commit to comply with the contents of this Regulation.

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