Return policy

Return and refund process

1. Terms of exchange – return products

– You will be exchanged within immediately after receiving the goods (for customers in the province sent by post will be based on the date of postmark) in the following cases: We deliver the wrong color, wrong size, wrong product, goods damaged during delivery. The exchanged goods must be of equal or higher value than the goods previously selected by the customer. If the customer chooses a product of lower value, We will not refund the difference. In case you want to exchange for a product of higher value, you need to pay the difference before shipping the goods.

– When detecting a faulty machine condition, you can directly talk to the delivery staff or respond to us within 24 hours at the hotline 024 6255 2288 (Hanoi), 033 233 92 92 (Da Nang). Nang) and 094 777 0001 (HCM).

2. Cases where we refuse to exchange goods

– You are using but want to change the type, model.. or return the goods for no reason or unreasonable reasons.

– You yourself affect the external condition such as tearing the packaging, peeling, broken, …

– You operate improperly, causing damage to goods.

– You have checked and signed for the product, but then requested to exchange/return the goods due to defects in appearance (scratches, broken ….)

– The product does not have enough accessories and warranty cards included.


– The exchange and repair will be done in accordance with the regulations of Carpa Vietnam Joint Stock Company

If there are any problems or arising during the process of Returning and Refund, please call 024 6255 2288 (Hanoi), 033 233 92 92 (Da Nang) and 094 777 0001 (HCM) for advice answers.


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