[CONSULTING] High quality RO water filter for your home

RO technology – the filter size is just 0.0005micron, it removes over 99% of various pollutants.
Why not other technology? Why must be RO technology?

RO MEMBRANE Filter removes various pollutants including heavy metals, bacteria, waterborne, micro-organisms by the super-permeating filter

Remove all toxic components from 0.0005 um, cadmium, ion, radium to 226-228.

Whenever, please contact  Coway  We would like to answer your questions, help you choose the water purifier that best suits your family.

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Website:   https://coway.com.vn/

Water purifier:  https://coway.com.vn/maylocnuochanquoc

Air purifier:  https://coway.com.vn/maylockhongkhihanquoc/

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