Coway Water Purifier FINN (P-300L)

Powerless, compact and convinient water purifier

  • Simple and fine design with pure white – blue color tone
  • Enough purified water as well as meticulous inspection service
  • The start of clean and delicious water, Coway Intensive RO1.0 filter system
  • C9 Carbon block filter with 3 layers and made from coconut shell
  • Powerless ambient water purifier with RO system for safety and energy saving
  • Large tank capacity (8 L) in a compact size for convenient usage
  • Easy to dispense water continuously
  • Airtight water tank for guaranteed hygiene
  • Dual water-level controller to prevent overflow
  • Easy self-cleaning with detachable cork

Giá khuyến mãi: 4.900.000 VND

Số lượng:
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Model P-300L FINN
Filters & Sizes & Lifetime
1. Plus-sediment 11 ” 6 Months
  2. Pre-carbon 8” 12 Months
  3. RO 11” 24 Months
  4. Plus Inno-sense
(Post-Carbon + Fine)
8” 18 Months
  5. Anti-Bacterial Yes 12 Months
WQA certification NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 58
Filtration capacity 5 ℓ ~ 1,32 gal/h
Tank capacity
Ambient 7,6 ℓ ~ 2 gal
Rated voltage No power required
Max power consumption
LED temperature indicator
Continuous water dispenser
Hot water safety lock
Turn on/off Hot-Cold water mode
Low water level indicator
Power Saving mode
(W x H x D)
310 x 405 x 400 mm ~ 12,2 x 15,9 x 15,7 inch
Net weight 6 kg ~ 13,2 lb

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