• Slim and compact design saves space
  • Youthful colors are easy to combine with any modern kitchen
  • Get water easily with just 1 light touch with touch button
  • 4 different convenient water intake options: 3 fixed levels (250mL, 500mL, 1000mL) and continuous arbitrary water intake
  • High water intake position makes it easy to get water with different sized items
  • Large capacity (5L) tank is suitable for family use
  • Versatile 5-step filtration process for direct drinking water without boiling
  • Using a booster pump helps to ensure filtration capacity when water pressure is weak
  • Sealed water tank lid ensures absolute safe water quality
  • Easy to clean with removable nozzle

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1. Wide water dispenser

2. High water intake tank

The high and wide container is convenient for users, the small design creates a cozy feeling for the kitchen space

Manufacturer Coway Co., Ltd.
Country of manufacture Korea
Product name electric water purifier
Release date May 2021
Model name P-6320L
Color oatmeal beige
Product size
(width x length x height)
200 x 400 x 405 mm
Product weight 5.5 kg
Installation type desktop type
Management cycle 1 time / 2 months
Main function Water purification function, customized extraction, continuous extraction
Filter configuration ①Neosense filter (6 months) ②Membrane filter (RO) (20 months) ③Plus Innocence filter (18 months)
Tank capacity Purified 5 L
Extraction method electronic extraction
Rated voltage DC 24V
Power Consumption Integer 13 W
Efficiency class
Electromagnetic wave Certification number RR-CWY-P-6320L

※ The above product may differ slightly from the actual product, and there may be slight specification changes without prior notice for performance improvement.
※ Energy consumption efficiency ratings are indicated only for cold and hot water purifiers reported in the electric cold/hot water equipment of the energy consumption efficiency rating system
※ The amount of water that comes out may vary depending on the environment in which it is used.

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